The Rickaissance: the Greatest Marketing / UX Whiteboard to Date

One of many rich traditions in SUPPLY.com’s M/UX (Marketing / User Experience) culture, the M/UX Whiteboard serves as a visual tableau, showcasing personal art contributions from M/UX team members for all to see. Typically featuring a mélange of inside jokes and silly puns, it recently blossomed into its prime with a Rick & Morty tribute, which some have called, “the Greatest M/UX Whiteboard to date.” Learn how the M/UX Team embarked on an all-out tribute in honor of the third season, which kicked off earlier this week.

How the M/UX Team Got Schwifty

The foundations of the team’s Rick & Morty fandom began with Carey Tucker, Promotions Manager, and Justin Jackson, Senior Designer. The two M/UX ‘migos, and Rick & Morty OG’s, had been fans of the show for a while. “My first introduction to the show was the season 2 opener, ‘A Rickle in Time.’ It blew my mind,” recalled Jackson. “The jokes and humor were so different than what I was used to from like say a Family Guy episode. It was darker, nihilistic, more scientific, and more adult. I was immediately hooked, and went back to start the series from the beginning.”

Carey and Justin regularly and proudly displayed their Rick & Morty t-shirts around the SUPPLY.com campus for at least a year. But then, a few months back, Matt Hobbs, Director of UX, decided to check out the show, which ignited the Rickaissance“This past May, when I was stuck inside recovering from a bout of poison ivy, I decided to finally check the show out,” recalled Hobbs. “I really enjoyed it; so much so that I even watched many episodes twice. The show is incredibly well written, and the characters are a brilliant combination of zany and intelligent. It’s the perfect show for the M/UX squad to sink its teeth into.”

“I think the endless quotability of the show is what resonates most with our group. We like to talk in voices,” asserted Joe Murphy, Creative Producer. “The Rickaissance really started with Justin drawing Tinkles and Matt drawing Pencilvester on the board; it just blew up little by little every day after that.”

rick and morty artwork on marketing and user experience white board

The whiteboard in all its glory

rick and morty artwork on marketing and user experience white board

Better keep an eye out for Eyehole Man!

rick and morty artwork on marketing and user experience white board

Snuffles / Snowball, Mr. Poopybutthole, & Mr. Meeseeks

rick and morty artwork on marketing and user experience white board

Blips and Chitz – the greatest arcade in the galaxy

Favorite Characters / Episodes / Scenes

Joe Murphy – “I’m a big fan of the Screaming Sun Earth, Eyehole Man, Tiny Rick, Evil Morty, and, of course, Roy: A Life Well Lived. I think I chose to draw them because they were easy (I can’t draw), and because they represented some of the series’ funniest gags.”

Mike Owens – “Mr. Meeseeks is one of my favorites if not my favorite because the ridiculous notion that complex sociological issues were solved in a couple of hours and taking 2 strokes of Jerry’s golf game was impossible!”

Matt Hobbs – “I’m a big fan of the ‘Total Rickall‘ episode.  I also love the inter-dimensional ‘Two Brothers,’ ‘Personal Space,’ and ‘Fake Doors.’ Those still crack me up.”

Justin Jackson – “I drew the following characters on the board: Mr. Meeseeks, Tinkles, Mr. Poopybutthole, a Fleeb, Snuffles / Snowball, the Butter Robot, Fart, a Cromulon, Ghost in a Jar, and Stealy. Alina brought in a bunch of multi-colored dry erase markers, and that’s when everyone really got into drawing more intricate characters.”

Alina Bikineyeva – “I haven’t watched the show.”

rick and morty artwork on marketing and user experience white board

Alina Bikineyeva and her representation of Bird Person

rick and morty artwork on marketing and user experience white board

Matt Hobbs and his drawing of Mr. Beauregard

rick and morty artwork on marketing and user experience white board

It’s safe to say that Joe Murphy was pretty proud of his work

rick and morty artwork on marketing and user experience white board

Carey & Justin – the Rick & Morty OGs

What’s Next for the Show & the Whiteboard


Now two episodes into the third season, SUPPLY.com’s resident fans have had time to marinate on what’s new. “The new episodes are awesome! ‘The Rickshank Redemption‘ really tapped into my childhood nostalgia for Shoneys; but overall, the entire episode was brilliant with its re-visitation to the conditions left in ‘Love Potion #9,’ said Rachel Vandiver, Customer Service Rep. “As far as predictions go, I’m kind of hoping Evil Morty makes a return. They never really revisited the character and I’m wondering if he’ll make a comeback, since it was left ambiguous.”

However, with Jerry (a central character and fan favorite) gone, everyone is curious to see how the show will evolve. “The thing that will be most missed about Jerry is the terrible relationship that he had with Beth. The constant dysfunction of their relationship was the backdrop of the entire show,” lamented Mike Owens, Front-End Developer. “They were so self-consumed with their marriage issues that Rick, Morty and sometimes Summer were able to do whatever the hell they wanted. Now, I am guessing the dealing with the divorce, and the dysfunction that it brings into their lives, will be the backdrop.”

Like all whiteboards, the beloved Rick & Morty art is sadly temporary. However, there have been some interesting ideas proposed as to what’s next for the M/UX Whiteboard. Matt thinks the M/UX team should tackle famous buildings / structures of the world (the Golden Gate Bridge, New York FlatIron Building, Taj Mahal, Buckingham Palace, etc.). Meanwhile, Joe asked, “Westworld season 2 predictions anyone?”

But, if you ask Mike, “I say, ‘Why fight it!’ Rick and Morty was huge success and there are lots of things that did not make to the board… ‘Barkeep – another round of Szechuan sauce for everyone!’”

We might not be a hit Netflix show, but some of our “things” are definitely stranger, and we’re supernaturally good at what we do. We love making cool content for our company and the plumbing supply industry – check out more of our things here.