The Best Bathrooms in Atlanta, According to SUPPLY.com (Part 1)

As a plumbing supply company, there’s nothing we love more than a good bathroom. Much like a chef can’t help but study the menu when eating out, our employees always have a keen eye on the bathrooms around town. We notice when there’s a KOHLER toilet or a Moen faucet, praise good design, and appreciate quality lighting.

We’re not the only ones – our customers and brand partners spend their livelihoods learning and curating great bathrooms. We have a hunch that even those with no ties to the plumbing industry can appreciate a nicely marbled tile or a well-lit mirror. After all, everyone uses the bathroom and enjoys a nice, clean area to refresh.

With all of this in mind, we went on a mission to find the coolest bathrooms in Atlanta. Why? We want to erase the image that comes to mind with “public restroom,” because these behind-the-scenes spaces deserve some major credit. From beautiful wall art to premium fixtures, these bathrooms have that special something that makes us say “wow!” when taking a trip to the powder room.

Nan Thai Fine Dining

As Trip Advisor’s number one Thai restaurant in Atlanta, it’s no surprise that Nan Thai’s fine dining is nicely complemented with a fine restroom. The red and gold colors emit an immediate feel of Asian luxury mixed with a peaceful, warm glow from candles, neatly folded towels, and elements of nature. Stop in for some of the best curry in the city and freshen up in this serene space.

SUPPLY Eye: We especially love the rectangular sink (lined with stone) paired with a wall-mounted faucet. This look is modern yet organic, making it the perfect trend that blends effortlessly into the scene.

The fabulous Nan Thai bathroom looks like part of a palace. Photo credits to Sara Hanna Photography.

The Painted Pin

The Painted Pin managed to make bowling an upscale experience, so of course they were able to tackle the task of creating a cool bathroom. It’s clean, styled exceptionally well, and the lit mirror will have many fans who need to touch up their appearance during a night out. There’s one thing that sets this bathroom apart, though.

When you’re washing your hands, you might look up and think that you’ve had one too many delicious drinks from the swanky bar, but no; the space beside the mirror serves as an open window between the men’s and women’s restrooms! This phenomenon is, of course, only true of the sink area, but it definitely serves as a fun suprise to first-time visitors.

SUPPLY Eye: The shape of the drop-in sinks makes them more splash-resistant than most, an important factor in a place as popular (and busy) as The Painted Pin. Bonus public health points for the electronic, germ-free faucets.

Behind that mirror is an open space looking into another bathroom! Photo credit goes to Heidi Geldhauser/Our Labor of Love.

Ticonderoga Club

At SUPPLY.com, we are huge fans of all things Krog Street Market, and Ticonderoga Club is no exception. This super-friendly restaurant and bar features an incredibly diverse menu along with some of the best cocktails in town. In addition to the highly-recommended Ticonderoga Cup (think pineapple, lemon, rum, brandy), the quirky atmosphere is a top reason to visit.

Artistic elements can be seen throughout the cozy restaurant, but the one that most interests us is the bathroom wallpaper. A bright, attractive red immediately draws the eye, but the printed animals holding various objects will really hold your attention. From the tequila-drinking raccoon to the mandolin-playing squirrel, you’ll want to excuse yourself from the table and head to this captivating loo.

SUPPLY Eye: We love the old-fashioned shape of this faucet and large basin. It adds to the vintage vibe that comes with the wallpaper and lamp.

The wallpaper is an immediate eye-catcher. Photo credit to Ticonderoga Club.

The Consulate

A hidden gem in the heart of Midtown, The Consulate is a beautiful place to visit and was voted one of the Best New Restaurants 2017 by the AJC. With a James Bond theme, the design is sophisticated and appears eclectic yet very carefully selected. Think books, plush purple seating, and international art and globes galore. Every few months, a globe is spun and the destination it lands on becomes the inspiration for the ever-changing menu (currently featuring Moroccan food).

The two bathrooms correspond perfectly with the classy, interesting style that permeates the rest of the restaurant and bar. The first (bottom left) is elegant with marble tiles, green walls, and golden accents. It is calming, pretty, and will immediately remind you of the charm in the main area of the restaurant. The second bathroom (bottom right) goes hand-in-hand with the Bond theme, featuring a wall dedicated to (fake) firearms. The contrast between the white paint and the black guns is striking, and, paired with the small space and round mirror, adds a secretive feel that goes along with the location of the restaurant itself. Hop off MARTA in Midtown (directly next door to The Consulate), grab a martini or specially-crafted cocktail, and enjoy!

SUPPLY Eye: The golden faucet (left) paired with the glass-green sink is our favorite element; not only does this combo match the rest of the room, it is exquisite enough to stand on its own.

Both bathrooms show off the excellent attention to detail that entire restaurant boasts.

Dad’s Garage

Last but not least on our list is Dad’s Garage. An award-winning, non-profit theatre company, Dad’s has been an integral part in the Atlanta art scene since 1995. In 2016, they moved to a new location in Old Fourth Ward and needed new facilities. Matt Hobbs, SUPPLY.com Director of UX and Dad’s Garage Musical Improviser, was able to help secure two discounted Elkay drinking fountains for the new building (read more here).

In return, our logo is now a permanent installment in the amazing mural created by Jack Bloom. Aside from pride in seeing our logo handsomely painted, we think that Bloom’s art amps this space up and adds to the fun, comical appeal that Dad’s is famous for.

SUPPLY Eye: The SUPPLY.com logo combined with the Elkay drinking fountains makes this one of our all-time favorite bathrooms.

Matt Hobbs loves the mural at Dad’s Garage!

The bathroom typically receives little attention unless it is particularly nice (or the opposite). These are the places that make you pay attention and elevate your night out. Have any more in mind? Send them our way – email r.nipp@supply.com if you know of a bathroom that should make the list and we’ll include it in our next update. Stay tuned!

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