The Battle of Atlanta: Startup Games Showdown

We aren’t just winners in the plumbing industry; SUPPLY.com killed it and had an absolute blast in the 2018 Startup Games. Based out of Austin, TX, these nationwide office Olympics are a fierce fight to the finish (just kidding, everyone lives) of local startups. The Games are about more than just fun, though. Every participating company picks the charity of their choice to support; we chose our friends over at the Atlanta Community Food Bank. SUPPLY.com recently had the chance to compete against other Atlanta tech companies in this awesome event that was the ultimate form of community building, philanthropy, and team bonding.

Located in West Midtown, the Fairmont was the perfect location for the Games. When the SUPPLY.com team arrived, we were immediately impressed by its fun, field-day-esque atmosphere and beautifully renovated industrial look (think classy club meets Urban Outfitters, but also corporate). That vibe was furthered by the sponsor of Startup Games Atlanta, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, who positively contributed to the good time had by all. Justin Jackson hit the nail on the head with his take on how the Games blew him away:

“[The Startup Games] completely met and then exceeded my expectations. I was most surprised at the turn out from all of the participating groups; it just felt really packed and lively. I definitely felt a buzz in the air.”

– Justin Jackson, Senior Designer

We were excited to showcase our wide range of athletic abilities with the variety of games to be played. We polished our ping pong skills, practiced our poker faces for Liar’s Dice, and trained up for the Winter Olympics Showdown. Once the competition got underway, the guys and gals in kudzu green met some stiff competition. While we weren’t able to make the podium on classics like Mario Kart or Skee Ball, the SUPPLY.com squad still walked away #winning with both a silver and a bronze medal. Inspired by the Average Joe’s, Carey Tucker, Rob Landham, Chris Walerski, and Chris Cauthen fought until the bitter end and took home silver in the Games’ marquee event – dodgeball.

However, perhaps the most resilient of the night was Joe Murphy, who stuck around to the final performance in the Dad Jokes competition. Moments after the Games kicked off, the SUPPLY.com Creative Producer found himself on a thrilling journey from nervous, last-minute understudy to bronze-medalist comedy king in the Dad Jokes competition when it was all said and done:

“Thanks to some help from my teammates, I was able to quickly compile a pretty long list of clever quips. Being up on stage in front of all those people really did feel like the Olympics for a second there, and taking home the bronze medal for my team was the highlight of my night!”

-Joe Murphy, Creative Producer

The friendly competitive atmosphere lit a deep, previously unprovoked fire in us that brought our team together to rally against the other startups, who were ready to give it right back (calling out CallRail, who had an admittedly clever sign about SUPPLY.com). Other participating local companies included Atlanta Tech Village, ATDC, and Kabbage. What would Dana Towns like to do to amp it up against the competition next time around?

“Step up our insults on the signs. Especially WeWork – we supplied a few New York locations and have the Sales Orders to prove it!”

-Dana Towns, Account Manager

The best part? By playing in the games we raised $1000 for the Atlanta Community Food Bank, enough to distribute 4000 meals! We got to partner with an awesome local charity and had fun while doing it – that sounds like a win/win to me.

As far as the winners of the Games, congratulations to ATDC, A3C, and CallRail for winning first, second, and third – we’d love to give y’all a run for your money the next time around! We are so grateful to be a part of such a thriving community and for our team that really knows how to SUPPLY the best of memories.

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