Employee Food Puns (and Not Just for the Halibut)

Today, we’re egg-cited to taco ’bout a little fun we recently had with some employees who are on a roll. There’s dumpling you should know – some of our favorite foods were inspired by SUPPLY.com’s crème de la crème. Make no mis-steak, we relish the fact that these dishes are deliciously hilarious. We think you’ll agree that both their names, and these foods, really make a nice pear. We won’t waste your thyme, so romaine calm, and let’s get into the meat and potatoes.

The Shallenburger

SUPPLYcom_FoodPuns-AimeeAlthough debate remains surrounding the origin of the hamburger, the Shallenburger traces its roots to Douglasville, Georgia. This all-American classic is organized to perfection.

Brett Boston Baked Beans

SUPPLYcom_FoodPuns-BrettA staple of the warehouse, this hearty dish always gets the job done. A nice balance of sweet and savory, these beans are world renowned from New England and beyond.

The Jessica Porterhouse

SUPPLYcom_FoodPuns-PorterFull of flavor, this high society choice brings a level of class and consistency to its customers. The Jessica Porterhouse is the American Standard and guarantees to impress.

Spaghetti and Heath Balls

SUPPLYcom_FoodPuns-HeathLoooooooooook…….. The these…….. 1,000%……..

Chocolate éClaire

SUPPLYcom_FoodPuns-ClaireIn order to create an éClaire, attention to detail and analytical aptitude are required to craft the perfect pastry. Rumor has it that the secret recipe can be found in a pivot table on a password-protected Excel spreadsheet.

Corn on the Hobbs


A mosaic of passions, ranging from music to user experience, with the Corn on the Hobbs, no two kernels are alike. This Cajun favorite is proud to now call Atlanta home.

And last, but not least, you know what they say…


Our resident onion connoisseur’s commitment to getting the job done will bring a tear to your eye.

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