Balls of Fury: The Ping Pong Championship Belt

At any tech company, there are two keys to success: a top notch team of developers and a ping pong table. When it comes to those essential pieces, SUPPLY.com is two for two. Ever since it arrived at the office 6 months ago, employees across all departments have evolved from embarrassing amateurs to world class olympians. With an office full of all stars, bragging rights are worth their weight in gold. So much so, we recently purchased our very own golden championship belt to determine who owns those precious bragging rights each week. The inaugural match for the belt took place last week between Content Strategist, Carey “Deep Dish” Tucker and B2B Business Development Manager, Kevin “The Punisher” Link. We caught up with the two contenders to learn more about their historic match and the newly created championship.

“It’s widely known that Link is top dog within the office. The man’s a machine. Our rivalry coupled with my thirst for bragging rights served as the inspiration for the office championship belt. We needed a tangible way to represent the current king of the table, so I hit the web in search of a pro wrestling-style belt,” explains Tucker. “When I laid my eyes on the United States Championship Belt, I knew I’d found a prize worth fighting for. I called a council of the elders and we selected Dru Lawhorne, Purchasing Agent, as our commissioner. With Ms. Lawhorne at the helm, I’m confident we have a leader who embodies the values of the sport as well as this nascent organization.”

a new ping pong championship belt is signed for

Commissioner Lawhorne (center) signs the new charter into law with signatories (from L to R) Robert Landham, Kevin Link, Kevin Mason, & Daniel Bass in attendance

“The Ping Pong Belt is a tradition of distinction and I’m honored to have been chosen as commissioner. The power behind the role is not to be taken lightly and must be wielded with an impartial fist,” asserts Lawhorne. “In order to keep my skills sharp, I practice making decisions for about 8-9 hours per day; it’s grueling work. I’m excited about the new platform that we have instituted for the Belt. It is a challenging platform that will test the skills of even the best ping pong players. This is an exciting time in the SUPPLY.com ping pong circuit and I am stoked to be a part of it.”

ping pong match between employees featuring championship belt

Will Richardson (left) and Carey “Deep Dish” Tucker (right) before the inaugural match

When Carey ‘The Dish’ entered the westside break room last Thursday, he had one thing on his mind – taking down The Punisher. There was a look of sheer determination in both challengers’ eyes as they took their sides before the first serve. Living up its prestige, the opening showdown was a classic. Tucker looked to be having his way with Link as he swept him aside in Game 1 with ease. Game 2 was a similar story and halfway through it, almost certain defeat loomed for The Punisher. Yet, such is his pedigree, Kevin stood firm and clinched victory in back to back overtimes.

“The inaugural challenge match was a well fought battle against a worthy adversary. After losing Game 1 big and getting down early in Game 2, my chances at the belt were looking grim. I had to really focus up and treat every point like it was my last,” recalls Link. “Two overtime games later I was holding the belt, and I won’t lie, it feels pretty good.”

employee is crowned as ping pong champion

Kevin Link (center) is crowned champ by Commissioner Dru Lawhorne (right)

“Living as the champ for a full 3 hours now has given me an entirely new perspective on life. I must always be watching and preparing; for when you are at the top, the only place to go is down,” he continues. “I am not naïve to think the belt will never be taken from me, but I am dedicated to put in the work (you know, when I’m not doing work for my actual job) so that the belt spends the majority of its time above my desk.”

While there’s no doubt Tucker is itching to go another round with Link, he’s not alone. Plenty of the old guard are also after the coveted waist accessory. Developers Curtis Pittman and Vince Akra have shown strong displays as of late and Will Richardson, Lead Activator, states that he is, “Ready.”

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