Atlanta Survival Guide: Summer Edition

If you close your eyes and picture yourself on a sunny, summer day in Atlanta, what do you see? Go ahead, take 30 seconds and try it…what do you feel?

Do you see the Olympic rings or the view of the city skyline from atop Stone Mountain? Can you hear Outkast or that new Migos track? Are you humming along to “Chicken Fried,” or doing the tomahawk chop? Can you taste that ice-cold Coca-Cola?

Summers in Atlanta are special, and there’s rarely a dull moment. As a mecca for all things culture, exploring all that Atlanta has to offer can be overwhelming. To help you survive the summer, and avoid a serious case of FOMO, we caught up with a few of our teammates (some ATL vets and some new to the city) to find out their favorite events, activities, and tips for a summer to remember!

graffiti art wall in atlanta

The Cabbagetownie | Corie P., Customer Service Rep 

Atlanta is a city that loves parks and festivals, and features an abundance of new restaurants and patios. My top events throughout the summer are The Summer in the Shade Festival in Grant Park, 4th of July in Cabbagetown, and The Atlanta Food and Wine Festival (two of my favorite things).

Try starting a summer Saturday with a walk to Park Grounds for a morning coffee and a muffin. Then walk the Beltline, stopping at Parish or Krog Street Market for a bite, and then hang at the Old 4th Ward park. Ideally, you’ll wind the day down with a couple of beers at Flatiron. The best part is in Atlanta you can do this all with your little ones! Perfection.

Atlanta Summer Survival Tip:

Always look twice before crossing the Beltline.

lamon luther tiny house in atlanta

The Geek | Dana T., Account Manager 

Don’t miss the Tour of Homes (East Lake, Inman Park), the Tiny House Festival, and the installations at the High Museum (last year was “Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks”).

The Walking Dead starts filming in the summer (they just started this past week) and you can join “Touring Dead” with the Georgia Tour Company. It makes for a perfect, full day event with friends and family, getting to see the sites and major places within the show.

Atlanta Summer Survival Tips:

Be sure to follow the Instagram pages of places and venues you want to explore. A few must follows are @atlantafortheyoung@poncecitymarket, and @coolatlanta.


employees shootin the hooch on the chatahoochee river in atlanta

The Noob | Hannah L., Account Manager

Long summer nights are my favorite time of the year! There is plenty to do outside, like going to Piedmont Park, hitting up the Beltline or Silver Comet, and Shootin’ the Hooch. I try to soak up as much sun as I can. When I need to cool off, Atlanta has no shortage of options. We have a TON of breweries! It’s a craft beer lover’s dream.

Atlanta Summer Survival Tips:

Don’t sleep on Food Truck Tuesdays in Smyrna. And the festivals! There is seriously a festival out there for everyone.

If we missed something you definitely think is worth checking out this summer, let us know on Twitter or use #ATLSurvivalGuide across social and we’ll share!

hot air balloons in atlanta

The OTP’er | Jasmine C., Account Manager 

Definitely don’t miss the Hot Air Balloon festival, the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival, and the Virginia Highlands Summerfest.

I love spending summer weekends going white water rafting on Saturday mornings then stopping at a new restaurant on the long drive home. On Sunday, I’ll swing by someplace with bottomless mimosas, while the hubby and our son are home washing and putting away all the clean clothes. Awww one can hope…

Atlanta Summer Survival Tips:

There is a lot to do in Atlanta (obviously). Don’t just stick to the same old routine, and venture out of your neighborhood and your comfort zone! You will be surprised what you will find.


ux architect loves rock climbing in georgia

The Outdoors(wo)man | Alina B., UX Architect 

Kirkwood’s festival and the Lantern Parade on the Beltline are my absolute favorite things about an Atlanta summer. Taking advantage of the Chattahoochee river is a must. Shoot the Hooch, go kayaking, explore the north Georgia mountains, and catch the sunrise on hikes down the Indian Creek Trail.

Atlanta Summer Survival Tips: 

If you need to get the creative juices flowing, swing by Paper Ghost Studio on Tuesdays for a free sketching jam sesh.


supply.com employees participate in and watch improv at dad's garage

The Thespian | Maged R., Account Manager 

As an improv actor at Dad’s Garage, I am biased, but we’re putting on a play entitled “K-Ron The Barbarian.” I am super looking forward to this because it features one of our shortest ensemble members, Karen Cassidy, as a Conan The Barbarian-type protagonist. This is going to be a very fun show. Everyone involved is super stoked about it, and that is a pretty good indicator that it’s going to be great!

Dad’s is also continuing their Kid’s show through the summer, Hoodilly Stew. It’s an improvised puppet show in which the cast creates the story that is going to be told based on the kids’ suggestions and even invite the kids on stage to tell their own jokes.

I always recommend seeing a show at Serenbe Playhouse. They have a stunning outside theater, that uses surrounding nature as a backdrop. This place is a dope and is absolutely a singular experience.

Atlanta Summer Survival Tips:

Take a tour at Orpheus Brewing and get to Kennesaw Mountain for a hike.

For more on making the most out of your Atlanta summer, check out ChooseATL for a hand selected list of recommendations. You can also explore Atlanta Planit and Creative Loafing for a full list of events and never miss a thing!

If we missed something you definitely think is worth checking out this summer, let us know on Twitter or use #ATLSurvivalGuide across social and we’ll share!

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