Where My Dogs At?!

Man’s best friend. It’s hard to deny the bond between humans and our canine companions. For centuries, dogs have helped with hunting, herding, and, more recently, giving a Bahamian boy band a Top 40 hit. They’re loyal, reliable, and it’s not uncommon to hear someone say they like dogs more than they like most people. At SUPPLY.com, we’ve got a gang of proud dog-parents who leaped at the opportunity to show off their pups. Check out the dogs of SUPPLY.com below.

Moose (Chris Cauthen, Account Manager)

account manager holds his dog moose“My dog’s name is Moose, who is now 3 years old. She is a Catahoula Greyhound mix and was named after my aunt (her nickname growing up was Moose). She was diagnosed with cancer around the same time I adopted Moose from the shelter at 5 months old.

My favorite part about my dog is definitely her personality. She has a very human-like personality and is extremely carefree (as you can see in the picture). She is also a very quick learner. I was able to teach her to sit, shake, roll over and stand on her back feet within the first week of training her.

For the first 6 months I had her, she did not bark. She would sit in the window and instead of barking, she would make a grunting noise which was pretty pathetic. Right around when she turned 1, she started barking sparingly and has since developed more of a hound-like howl.”



Max (Lindsay Gogolin, Account Manager)

account manager dog great dane named max“Maximus, goes by Max, is a blue Great Dane. He is 8 months old and I got him February 14th of this year. I think my favorite part is as big and goofy as he is, he’s the biggest baby and loves to cuddle.

We took him to the beach and had been trying to get him to go to the bathroom since we arrived (he doesn’t like using the bathroom anywhere but our yard, which has its perks). There were other dogs around and he made a lady friend. But, while they were playing, he took a dump, in front of everyone, right in in the walkway part of the beach. Needless to say, the other dog went back with her owners. We were mortified, but relieved he finally did it. It’s funny now.”



Harley (Bryan Daniel, HR Manager)

“My dog’s name is Harley and she is about 2 years old. I got her at about 6 months old. The two of us play fetch every morning and night. This goes on until I take her ball away.

Dogs are typically loving, loyal and trusting of almost anyone – I guess that’s why they are dubbed man’s best friend. I had lots of dogs growing up, but Harley is the first indoor dog for me and she is great. I couldn’t be a prouder dog owner!”

Blue (Jessica Gerdeman, Customer Service Team Lead)

customer service team lead with her dogs“Our doggy’s name is Blue – sometimes I call him my little boy blue. He is 4 ½ years old and we got him at 6 weeks old in February 2012.

Our little boy blue LOVES the water! One day, we took him on the boat with the family and there were ducks swimming around where we beached to relax and swim. The ducks kept taunting Blue, so the natural thing for Blue was to chase after them. Little did he know, ducks are not afraid to fight back. They chased him right out of the water! We could not stop laughing the rest of the day.

He is a cuddler and loves being around water just like my fiancé and I. I never had a pet growing up, but I cannot image having any pet other than my little boy blue.”

Chloe, Muffins, Stark, & Love (Justin Jackson, Senior Designer)

graphic designer has four dogs“We have 4 dogs (from oldest to youngest): Chloe (9 y.o. Girl) – a Great Pyrenees mix, Muffins (6 y.o. Boy) – an American Bulldog mix, Stark (3 y.o. Boy) – Pit Bull mix, and Love (3 y.o. Girl) – Pit Bull mix

The only challenge we really face is keeping them in pairs. We do this because the two boys, Muffins and Stark, do NOT get along. When we first got Stark, they were best friends; but, as time went on, they started to get on each other’s nerves and were frequently getting into fights. So, Chloe and Muffins stay together, and Stark and Love stay together. The two pairs never intermingle. It’s just easier, on us and them, and they’re never lonely.

I had dogs every now and then growing up. When I hit college and first got Chloe my sophomore year, was when I really fell in love with dogs and fully understood what it meant to actually care for another living thing, which again fully blossomed into fostering and rescuing once Erin and I got married. She had been into fostering and rescuing for a while, so naturally it spilled over into our new life together.

There’s just something so soul-enriching about rescuing a dog from a shelter. Plus, by pulling a dog temporarily from the shelter via fostering, you’re saving two lives – theirs, and the next dog who comes in off the streets into the shelter. Rescue dogs, to me, are worth it because they know what it’s like to live a hard life. And to be able to give them the exact opposite, to see them flourish and be happy, makes it all worth it. If you’re in the Atlanta area, check out Fulton County Animal Services and the Atlanta Humane Society to adopt a pet today.”

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