SUPPLY.com-ers’ Supplies for the Day [PHOTOS]

My work environment is a healthy mix of analog, technology, and a heavy dose of nonsense… Also, Batman.

Matt Hobbs, Director of UX

A person’s desk is a reflection of his/her personality. While some people like to keep their work space as organized as the Dewey Decimal System, others prefer to be surrounded by the things they love. As a company of more than 100 employees, SUPPLY.com has a team of diverse individuals. I recently sat down with some of our team’s most unique personalities to learn about the things that make them the person they are.

Curtis Pittman Stuff

The stuff on my desk is a good reminder of the good times you can have here, especially the Disney Princesses photo. I work hard because I know I can also play hard.

Curtis Pittman, Enterprise Developer

Jessica Gerdeman Stuff

Truthfully, I’m a kid at heart and the minions are a relaxing sight when I’m having a stressful day. Also, blue is my favorite color.

Jessica Gerdeman, Account Manager

Justin Jackson Stuff

These items help me stay on top of my day and stay productive. My gridded notepad helps me concept and sketch out ideas in a contained and orderly fashion.

Justin Jackson, Senior Designer

Taylor Roy Stuff

I have a deep and abiding love for tchotchkes. I have such a large collection at home, and consequently, they spill onto my desk at work. Also, when life gives you a calendar full of kittens, you hang said calendar at your desk.

Taylor Roy, Account Manager

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