New Year, New Me 2018

With 2017 safely in the rear view mirror, many of us are continuing to look ahead with enthusiasm as to what 2018 has in store. Statistically speaking, in order to capitalize on the annual turning of the page, 40% of Americans embark on a journey of self improvement. However, as we all know, only 8% of those who make a new year’s resolution actually follow through with it.

Over the course of January, a few SUPPLY.com-ers have been determined to not end up like the 92% of folks who fall short of their goals, and have set out on a mission in 2018. We sat down with team members across customer service, sales, and accounting to learn more about their goals, how they plan on achieving them, and what’s next for them this year and beyond.

Kevin Bolen, Customer Service Supervisor

developer teaching customer servicesupervisor how to code

Mike Owens (L), schooling Kevin (R) to the game

What is your new year’s resolution?

My new year’s resolution is to start teaching myself how to code. I am starting with HTML and CSS with plans to expand and learn beyond those. I chose to start with HTML first because it’s a great starting point to learn the basics.

What is it about computer science that attracts you to it?

I always had an interest in computer science, but never a drive to pursue it. In recent years, I’ve had more friends start learning how to code and their enthusiasm has been infectious. Being able to do something and immediately see the result seems so gratifying!

What’s your specific plan for reaching your goal? Is there anyone at work, or any other internal resources, helping you out?

As of right now, I am using every available resource (Lynda.com, Youtube, etc.) to jumpstart my skills. Here at SUPPLY.com, Mike Owens has been extremely helpful with providing advice and feedback. I was confused on where to start, so a pro like him was required to get me going in the right direction.

Most folks fall short on their new year’s resolutions – what keeps you motivated?

I have a solid support system of friends and family who keep me excited and motivated!

Whitney Caldwell, Account Manager

account manager learning jiu-jitsu

Whitney in her “Gi,” the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu uniform

What is your new year’s resolution and why did you choose it?

My new year’s resolution is to focus on my mental and physical health. After dealing with many years of depression and anxiety, the only way I am going to overcome it is to start taking better care of myself now. I decided to take up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to reach my goal!

Why did you choose Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – do you have a history with this martial art?

I grew up in a family of fighters. My father and many of my uncles were boxers. I love the art of boxing, but don’t want to take any hits to the face, so I looked into a martial art that’s focused on ground fighting. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu promotes the concept that a smaller, weaker person can defend themselves against a bigger, stronger person. It’s not only self-defense and a great workout, but it helps relieve stress and anxiety. It naturally seemed like a good fit, and it is something I love doing.

Where are you going to learn Ju Jitsu?

I take classes at X3 Sports in West Midtown under Professor Bruno Frazzato. If you’re looking to get into BJJ, go learn from Bruno – he’s a legend!

What’s your plan for reaching your goal? Do you have a routine?

My plan for reaching my overall goal is to set mini goals along the way. One of my major goals it to compete. In order to do so, I have to become a blue belt in BJJ. For now, I am focusing on going to practice 2 times a week over the next 6 months to work my way up to blue belt.

Most folks fall short on their new year’s resolutions – what keeps you motivated?

One of the major things that is keeping me motivated is my mental health. I am exhausted after practice, but it makes me feel great – that alone pushes me to make it to the gym 2-3 times a week. Another thing that is keeping me motivated is that BJJ is not cheap. I signed up for a year-long membership, and I will have to pay it, whether I go to the gym or not, so I might as well get my money’s worth!

What’s next after you tackle your current goal?

My next goal is to apply the same self-discipline to starting my non-profit organization to help the homeless in Atlanta.

Craig Coogler, Sales Manager

sales manager buying a house in Atlanta

Craig is scouring the Atlanta real estate market on a daily basis

What is your new year’s resolution, and why did you land on it? Why now?

My new year’s resolution is to purchase a home. I have been renting for a long time and am ready to invest in property of my own. The market is great and thanks to a smart 2017, I am in a great place to keep saving and buy this spring.

What are you doing to achieve your goal? What’s your plan of action?

Before January 1, the biggest thing was to figure out a budget and set a down payment goal to shoot for. After that, I began removing unnecessary monthly payments (cheaper car payment, got rid of XM radio, cut back on my lunches outside the office, etc.) to put more money into my savings. Going forward, I make my purchase decisions each day based on, “Does this item help me reach my goal?”

Who are you working with to make buying a house a reality?

My friend Heather Thompson is handling the real estate side of things. Not only has she been selling / finding homes in Atlanta since 2007, but she’s an amazing person who always has her client’s best interests in mind. She has helped me in handling buying, selling, and renting property in the past and has always helped me come out on top!

Has working at SUPPLY.com influenced your new year’s resolution?

Managing our PRO Sales team has helped me learn a lot more about budgeting and discipline, which has got me going in the right direction. Just simply learning how to negotiate with insurance companies, credit card services, and daily purchases has already shown more savings to go towards my home. Plus, my knowledge of construction and building products has motivated me to own a place with the coolest kitchen / bath products on the market!

Kelsey Breton, Customer Service Rep

customer service rep finishes school in one year instead of two

Kelsey is climbing to reach her goal!

What is your new year’s resolution?

My new year’s resolution is to finish my last two years of school in one year. It’s a daunting task, but I’m ready to tackle it!

What is your plan of action to make sure you achieve your goal?

My plan of action really is to continue school through the summer and to eliminate distractions like social media etc.

Most people fall short on their resolutions. What keeps you motivated?

What keeps me motivated is my friends and family. Everyone I am surrounded with is so supportive and doesn’t mind keeping me on track if I start to fall short. Sometimes, that’s exactly what you need!

Who are you working with to make your resolution a reality?

The team at my school, SEU at Chapelhill, does everything (and then some) to make sure their students succeed. If anyone applies they can leave me as a reference and I get $200 off my tuition, haha!

Has anything you’ve learned since being at SUPPLY.com helped influence your ability to achieve your goal?

Absolutely! Although working at SUPPLY.com can feel like a good time, it is a building FULL of hardworking individuals who work together to make sure customers have the best experience possible. The comradery and work ethic displayed here constantly encourages me that I can do more than I think I can!

Jonathan Morales, Accounting Manager

accounting manager wants 6 pack abs

Anthony (L) doesn’t believe that Jonathan (R) can become the next Iron Man

What is your new year’s resolution, and why did you land on that?

My new year’s resolution is to work towards having 6 pack abs by my wedding date (5/27/2018). Throughout high school and college, fitness was a central part of my daily life. Unfortunately, like many, I have taken several steps back since joining the workforce.

Anthony Madlena, “the IT guy,” has been working out extremely hard since last year – seeing him achieve his goals inspired me to get back into fitness. In order to succeed at my goal, Anthony and I currently have an ongoing bet whether or not I can achieve my goal. Loser has to pay the winner $100 cash!

What is your plan of action to make sure you achieve your goal by the big date?

My plan of action is to restructure my diet and follow a carb-cycling program. With time and dedication, this type of diet, when combined with a solid workout program, should get me the results I’m looking for.

Has anything you’ve learned since being at SUPPLY.com helped influence your ability to achieve your goal?

One thing I have learned at SUPPLY.com is to be a visionary. Cast a vision on what you would like to achieve, whether its personal, professional, or financial, and go after it.

What’s next after you achieve that goal?

Once I achieve this goal, my focus will be on cardio. I would really like to increase my cardio and hopefully by 2019 challenge Jon Schmidt to a tough mudder competition.

You may say we’re dreamers, but we’re not the only ones. I hope someday you’ll join us, and apply now at SUPPLY.com! Calling all dreamers to check out our careers page or send an email to work@supply.com. And find out more about some other SUPPLY.com dreamers on our profiles page.