Meet the Newbies: Nicole & Travis

As we continue to grow faster than a John Smoltz fastball, we’d like to introduce two of our newest team members. Joining the Customer Service team, Nicole and Travis recently completed the training process and are hitting the sales floor, full steam ahead. I recently sat down with the two “newbies” to learn more about their backgrounds and first impressions of SUPPLY.com.

Nicole Northrup

A Georgia native, Nicole grew up in Norcross and attended Norcross High School. Currently in her last semester at the University of West Georgia, Nicole will be graduating in December with a degree in marketing. Like other members of her family, Northrup has made a name for herself throughout her college years as an athlete. “I come from a big football family and my brother, Ryan, plays for Georgia Southern,” she explains. “I play a lot of tennis and played No. 1 singles for 3 years at West Georgia.” Nicole has an identical twin sister, Amanda, who also plays tennis at UWG.

When asked who or what inspires her, Nicole instinctively responded, “My dad because he has his own business and is the hardest working person I know. He taught me to pay for everything on my own and I’ve paid for all of my college tuition,” she expresses. “I’m especially proud of the fact that I’ll be graduating with no loans, while also playing tennis and working.”

Northrup discovered SUPPLY.com last semester when Jameson, a former intern, came and spoke to her class at UWG. “I knew I wanted to do something in sales because my dad is super into sales. I really like talking to people, so I let Jameson know I was interested,” she recalls. Having just completed her training, Nicole is able to offer her insights to others considering a career at SUPPLY.com. “I’ve learned a lot over the past week and a half and everybody’s been really helpful in teaching me,” says Northrup. “There’s a lot of to learn, but one of the cool things about working at SUPPLY.com is that you’re able to interact with the entire company and learn about every side of the business.”

Travis King

Originally hailing from the Buckeye State, Travis moved to Marietta, Georgia with his family at the age of eight. A graduate of Hillgrove High School, he recently graduated from the University of Georgia in May with a degree in Management. A member of Beta Theta Pi, Travis also actively participated in Relay for Life and UGA Heroes, an organization aimed at helping kids affected by HIV/AIDS.

During his time at UGA, King discovered his entrepreneurial spirit and was able to pocket some spending money through his side project. “I’m an avid Ebay user. I sell everything around my house and sell things for my friends,” he says. “One summer, I was able to pay for everything myself through money I made on eBay. I bought all my friends’ TI-84 calculators for $10 each and sold them for $70. I shipped them through my dad’s business for free, so I didn’t have to pay for shipping.”

Playing off his Ohioan and Georgian roots, Travis is an avid fan of both the Reds and the Braves for baseball, Ohio State and UGA for college football, the Browns and Falcons in the NFL, and the Cavs and Hawks in the NBA. “I love playing tennis and basketball with my friends. I also love hiking Kennesaw Mountain, if that’s considered hiking,” he jokes. Like Nicole, King also looks up to his father. “He’s put three kids through college and is a real inspiration.”

After seeing SUPPLY.com on the UGA careers website, he applied for a sales role because, “I’ve always been able to communicate and relate with people well,” recalls King. “I’m 10 days in and throughout the overall training, I’ve learned a lot and already feel pretty comfortable within it. Everyone I’ve met has been very helpful and nice by teaching me the ins and outs. I’ve never dealt with NetSuite before, so that’s a great skill to learn.”

You may say we’re dreamers, but we’re not the only ones. I hope someday you’ll join us, and apply now at SUPPLY.com! Calling all dreamers to check out our careers page or send an email to work@supply.com. And find out more about some other SUPPLY.com dreamers on our profiles page.