Meet Senior Merchandising Manager Courtney Forson

Name: Courtney Forson
Current Position: Senior Merchandising Manager
University: Auburn University for MBA, University of North Florida for B.S.
Degree: MBA in Business Administration ’12, B.S. Management and Marketing’07
Joined the Team: April 2013

A quick Q&A with Courtney

What is your greatest achievement outside of work?
“Probably being recognized as an NCAA All-American for soccer while I was at UNF.  I’ve been playing soccer since I was 10 and I still play today in numerous leagues around Atlanta.  It keeps me active and gives me an outlet for my competitiveness.”

What brought you to Atlanta?
“Coming from Florida I have to admit it was tough not moving back towards the beach after finishing grad school at Auburn.  However, I have really fallen in love with Atlanta.  It has a really unique mix of cultures and there is always something to do.  In fact, I like Atlanta so much I was able to convince my twin brother and younger sister to move here as well; so now we are all feeling more at home.”

What else do you like to do in your free time?
“I just recently bought my first house!  It’s in East Atlanta, just a short walk from EAV (East Atlanta Village).  My newest weekend obsessions are checking out my new neighborhood and planning new projects to do to my house.  (Good thing I know great place to buy some fixtures!)”

What do you do for SUPPLY.com?
“I am responsible for managing relationships our brand partners.  I am constantly exploring ways to improve our competitive position and find new options to increase revenue through promotions, data optimization, and effective pricing.  My team and I support initiatives that grow our business by partnering with the right brands and staying on top of the best opportunities.”

What do you enjoy most about SUPPLY.com?
“I enjoy working with the people here at SUPPLY.com because there is a real culture of drive and collaboration, which is a rare combination.  People care about each other and making the company successful together.  I also like that every day I can be a part of moving the needle – I can see the results of my work and that matters.”

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