Climb, Fish, Run – This Summer, We’re Gettin’ Active

With Memorial Day behind us, summertime is now in full-swing. In every department, SUPPLY.com-ers are taking advantage of the weather and getting #active. From rock climbers to ranked racquetball players, our team is all about staying fit, and most importantly, enjoying the great outdoors. We caught up with some of our most active employees to see what they’re up to this summer.

ux architect talks about her passion for rock climbing

Alina, ready to take a swim at the waterfall – happy and tired after a day of climbing.

Alina Bikineyeva, UX Architect

How did you get into climbing in the first place?

My dad got me into climbing. He and his friends ran this small travel agency back in Kazakhstan and I got to go on some of the easier trips. Most of my weekends were spent camping and hiking. I was completely terrified attempting my first route, but I managed to scramble up the rock face. I keep a picture of that first trip at my desk.

What about climbing attracts you to the activity?

Climbing is a team sport, even if it doesn’t appear to be one. There’s a lot of support in the community – people have your back. Plus, you feel pretty badass once you “send a route” (complete it without falling).

Tell us a bit about your most recent climbing trip.

Over Memorial Day, we took a trip to Foster Falls in Tennessee. It is arguably one of the best places to climb in the Southeast. It has, literally, miles of routes for all skill levels. The waterfall is also a nice place to cool off after a long day.


b2b manager talks about his passion for fly fishing

Daniel, trying to catch some North GA trout.

Daniel Bass, B2B Account Manager

How did you get into fly fishing in the first place?

I’ve always been into fishing and being outdoors. Fly fishing was something I was interested in trying from an early age but didn’t have a need for it being in South Ga. When I was 19, I was presented with an opportunity to take a trip to upstate New York and learn this form of fishing.

What about fly fishing attracts you to the sport?

I relate fly-fishing to bow hunting; both can be extremely difficult and frustrating, yet peaceful at the same time. There is something about standing waste deep in a river that changes your perspective. I could spend all day out there, not catch a thing, and still enjoy every minute of it.


Where are some of the coolest places you’ve been fly fishing?

I’ve been all over North Georgia and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I’ve got my dream trip booked to Bozeman, Montana later this summer for a 4 day float trip, doing nothing but fishing and camping.  Also, I was a guide on the Soque River for a season. There, I had the opportunity to meet famous fly-fishermen like Jimmy Carter and Ted Turner.


account manager talks about her college tennis days

Nicole, serving in a match vs the #1 team in the nation.

Nicole Northrup, Account Manager

Tell us about your experience playing college tennis.

I really loved playing college tennis, although it was a lot of time and work. I enjoyed practicing every day and bonding with my teammates. It felt like we were always on the road traveling or working out in the gym or on the tennis court together. We would have morning workouts every day from 5:30-6:30 AM and we would practice every afternoon from 2-4. I would play both singles and doubles, but I enjoyed playing singles much more.

Where are some of the coolest places you’ve been to play tennis?

West Georgia is in the Gulf South Conference, so most of my college traveling days were to Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. When I played tournaments when I was younger, I would play all over the Southeast. I went to Minnesota for a tournament one time, which I thought was pretty cool because all my family got to see me play.

Tell us a little about the new league you’re in.

Right now, I am playing on an ALTA team that is all mixed doubles. I am playing on a team in Mirror Lake in Villa Rica. The team travels to different places in Atlanta and we play every Saturday morning. I have made a lot of new friends from playing on this team and I really enjoy it.


sales development lead talks about long relay race ragnar

Chris O’Connor, showing the competition what victory looks like.

Chris O’Connor, Sales Dev Lead

Could you briefly describe Ragnar?

Ragnar is a long-distance, overnight relay race. Teams of 8 compete on a trail course that totals 120 miles (15 miles per runner).

What about Ragnar attracts you to the event?

The weekend event involves camping, hanging out with friends, and trail running – 3 things I love to do.

How was your experience at the most recent Ragnar event you did?

We had a great time this year. It was physically one of the most challenging things I have done before, but looking back it was well worth the pain and lack of sleep. We ended up placing third overall, so we were excited about the result.


account manager talks about hammocking

Jessica, hanging around on her lunch break.

Jessica Gerdeman, Account Manager

How did you get into hammocking in the first place?

I joined a couple of co-workers during one of their lunch breaks while they were hammocking and FELL IN LOVE! I literally keep my hammock in my car so that I am ready to go the moment I see an opportunity, and of course, the “perfect trees.”

What about hammocking attracts you to the activity?

I grew up at the beach and have the stereotypical beach bum “let’s chill and just hang” mentality. That relaxation you get out of being outside sitting under the shade and enjoying life is calming, stress relieving, and just plain fun! Hammocking provides a part of that puzzle that is who I am from growing up at the beach.

Tell us a little about the new hammocking club.

One of the best benefits of the hammocking club is being able to “hang” out (see what I did there?) with co-workers who I don’t see as often as I’d like outside of work due to how far I live away from them.


vp of development talks about his love for raquetball

Aaron, hitting his infamous backhand, kill roll-out shot.

Aaron Price, VP of Development

How did you get into racquetball in the first place and what about the sport attracts you to it?

I started playing racquetball during my lunch break with my first boss. He beat me the first 40 times we played and I beat him the next 40 times. What attracts me to racquetball is how much of a cardio workout it is. I can push my body to its limit, without the distraction of how much it hurts, because I remain focused on the competitive match.

What is your current ranking in Georgia and the highest you’ve ever been ranked?

In order to achieve a higher rank, you have to play lots of tournaments. I don’t play as many tournaments currently, so my official rank is 18, but I have beaten the #1 player in GA in recreational play on multiple occasions. I would say my true rank would be around #8 in GA and around #270 in the world. My best win in tournament play was the #1 player in Mississippi, who was ranked #150 in the world.

Where are some of the coolest places you’ve been to play racquetball?

Regionals at UGA was a cool experience, but I really enjoy playing racquetball every Saturday at Akers Mill, near Cumberland Mall, with the best players in GA.

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