A Day in the Life of a SUPPLY.com Account Executive

We could offer the best plumbing fixtures from the best brands at the best prices (and we do), but without making any sales, we’d be out of business. That’s where our Account Executives come in – these are the sales rock stars who, through their dedication to giving our customers top-of-the-line service, help SUPPLY.com grow and keep the energy levels high.

They’re knowledgeable, they’re extremely motivated, and they’re always willing to help – whether you’re thinking about applying for a career at SUPPLY.com or just want to know more about what our team does, read on to find what the day-to-day of an Account Executive is really like.

We spoke to four SUPPLY.com-ers – Hannah, Rachel, Robyn, and Chris – and asked them to share what it’s like to work here, from schedules and skills to challenges and rewards. The first thing we asked about was their routine.

“The work is similar every day, but the people you talk to are different. There’s no set routine, but the best way to go about the job is by making a schedule for yourself.” – Robyn

Rachel and Robyn working side by side – SUPPLY.com-ers are always able to turn to their neighbor for help and encouragement. 

Rachel agreed, saying she just recently began scheduling out her day by the hour and noticed a definite increase in productivity. She likes to check her messages and then start making calls, giving her full attention to one customer at a time. According to Rachel and the other team members, one of the best parts about the job is the autonomy. Our Account Executives are given a lot of freedom to how they approach their customers and their day.

“I was an account manager at my last job; there were more external people to depend on, whereas here it’s mostly up to just me and the shipper. I have a lot more control over my customer’s trust in me and the company.” – Chris

Though there’s a strong aspect of independence to this job, no one is left to their own devices. Set training sessions, like our Brand Days, along with friendly desk mates and open doors ensure that everyone, especially new employees, is fully equipped with the resources they need to be successful.

“People are always super willing to help you when you’re new. If you ask for help they’re going to stop everything they’re doing and give you a hand.” – Hannah

Hannah and Chris hard at work in our open, mural-filled environment. 

In general, it takes up to a year to feel truly comfortable at the job. This is probably true of any position at any company, but at SUPPLY.com we make it a point to keep our employees pumped and prepared. That first year is full of learning and people to lean on, from other Account Executives (who have been in similar situations) to helpful managers to people in completely different departments (who, though they may be behind-the-scenes folks, also have customer service as their top priority).

Apart from the autonomy of the job, one of the team’s favorite parts about coming to work is the customers. As their time at SUPPLY.com progresses, so do the relationships they build with repeat clients. It’s an unmatched feeling to understand someone’s needs and be able to go above and beyond for them.

“It’s great to feel like I’ve really helped someone. Recently, I had a customer who was building out a shower system – I was able to find the right matching products for him, whereas if he had ordered the pieces separately they wouldn’t fit together. I was able to save him future frustration.” – Robyn

Headphones on, screens pulled up, and calculator at hand – Robyn is fully prepped to help her customers!

Completing a sale that’s spanned over a long period of time or required pulling some extra strings is especially rewarding. It’s all about finding out what the customer really wants and getting that product to them – and if there’s some issue out of our control, then the next step is to be completely transparent and find a good alternative.

“When a customer thanks me – whether directly or by getting what they need from SUPPLY.com again – that’s the best. I know that I’ve helped make someone’s job easier.” – Rachel

Along with those post-sale endorphins, the energizing atmosphere of the office helps keep our Account Executives motivated. Sales competitions, team outings, and a general camaraderie amongst coworkers makes the job exciting; our team truly embodies the mantra “work hard, play hard.”

Braves games and brewery visits are a crowd favorite, and company-wide events like kayaking and game nights add to the fun – you know coworkers get along when they actually want to hang out on a weekend. Swipe through the photos below for a highlight of some of our favorite events, and check out our Instagram page to see more festivities.

“I moved from out-of-state when I started working here. I really appreciated the welcoming nature of the team when I didn’t know anyone else in the city. Everyone gets along – I’ve even become roommates with a coworker!” – Rachel

Prizes from Brand Days raffles and sales competitions are yet another perk for our team. Anything is fair game from faucets and speakers to winery visits and sports tickets. And every single week we have a Thank You Thursday – this is a company- or brand-sponsored lunch catered to the office, free for all employees. We’ve eaten our way through Atlanta with taco trucks, donuts, barbecue, and Mediterranean food. Our Account Executives take care of their customers, and the company likes to reflect that care back onto them.

Are you interested in becoming an Account Executive with us? We asked Hannah, Rachel, Robyn, and Chris what they think the most important skills are for someone considering this job.

‘It’s important to have a lot of self-motivation. Everyone is here to help, but you’re going to need drive. People skills are important too, but that’s something you can learn.” – Rachel

“An ability to think outside the box. New situations will come up every week, and sometimes you’ll have to find creative solutions to helping a customer.” – Robyn

“This is a job where you get what you put in – the payoff is definitely worth working hard, but you have to be willing to put in the effort.” – Chris

“You can still flourish even without past sales experience. Like everyone else said, it’s all about motivation.” – Hannah

Rachel ringing the gong – a special honor for Account Executives when a huge order goes through.

SUPPLY.com-ers love to play ping pong – there’s always someone servin it up in the breakroom!

At the end of the day, we’re here to help our customers. What makes SUPPLY.com special is the teamwork, and celebration of each other, that goes into that. Robyn sums it up the best:

“It’s a hard job with a lot of facets [and faucets lol] to it, but it’s a good company – SUPPLY.com will take care of you and help you achieve your goals.”

Want to know more about what we do? Check out our other blog articles and our social media. Ready to apply right now? Head on over to our careers page and apply to be an Account Executive today; we’d love to add you to our team!

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and apply now at SUPPLY.com! Calling all dreamers to check out our Careers Page or send an email to work@supply.com.