Last week, the “Try Rinnai Tour” rolled up to the Fred full of gadgets and goodies. Our team poured out of the office and into the warm weather to explore the tricked-out ride and enjoy the treats that Rinnai brought out. It’s not everyday that we get to go on a brand bus tour in our own backyard – check out the photos below!

This mobile heating showcase gave SUPPLY.com-ers a preview of upcoming products, presented by Rinnai’s resident experts. We got a chance to check out their latest technology and get a close look at this year’s top trends. These tankless water heaters were a pretty hot item.

supply.com looks at rinnai tour bus


rinnai presents new water heaters

The Rinnai team also had a virtual reality experience, t-shirts, and, always a local favorite, King of Pops (I can still taste that Chocolate Sea Salt, mmm). While the water heaters got us warmed up for this year’s heating season, the pops cooled us off and got us pumped up for summer.

rinnai t-shirt for supply.com employees

supply.com employees enjoy king of pops

rinnai tour bus virtual reality

We love a chance to interact with our partners, whether it’s a showroom visit, a Brand Day, or a travelling tour bus! Thanks for the visit and the sneak peek of this year’s innovative products, Rinnai – come back anytime.

Whether it’s our favorite businesses in the ATL community or our BBFs (Best Brand Friends) in the plumbing industry, the relationships we build are what help us build something great. Check out more partnerships here to learn about how we team up with some of the best organizations in Atlanta and beyond!