Making a Big Impact with a Tiny House

In case you don’t regularly watch HGTV, the tiny house movement is sweeping across America. With many Americans feeling forced to do more with less, having fewer than 400 square feet of living space has become more appealing than ever. Our friends at Lamon Luther recently built a 20 ft tiny house that was featured at Leadercast, the largest one-day leadership event in the world, earlier this month and raffled it off to one lucky winner.

For those who don’t know the Douglasville-based furniture company, Lamon Luther employs and empowers those affected by homelessness and addiction. Their movement, a tribute to the American craftsman, has been featured on CBS News, CNN, and The Huffington Post, and their products can be purchased at West Elm.

Brian Preston, Founder & Chief Story Teller, reached out to SUPPLY.com to see if we could help facilitate the donation of plumbing products for their Tiny House Giveaway. We leaped at the chance to lend a hand, contacted some of our favorite brand partners (American Standard, Duravit, Houzer, Moen, and Rinnai), and were able to support Lamon Luther in building something great. The day before it left for Leadercast, the custom-built tiny house was on-site for SUPPLY.com-ers to check out and we sat down with Brian to learn more about his company, the tiny house project, and how SUPPLY.com was able to help out.

The Background

Although Lamon Luther is a for-profit organization, Brian and his team created the Lamon Luther Foundation, a non-profit that provides housing for their employees. When thinking of creative ways to raise money for the foundation, he was inspired by another Atlanta-based company.

“My friends at Brother Moto raffled off a motorcycle last year to raise money for their new space. I reached out to them to get a better understanding of how a raffle works,” recalls Preston. “Thanks to HGTV, we knew that popularity of tiny houses would help us reach our goals quickly. So, we decided to giveaway a tiny house worth over $30,000.”

supply.com employees check out the lamon luther tiny house

SUPPLY.com-ers line up to see the tiny house

supply.com team explores atlanta tiny house

Members of the team explore the tiny house

tiny house features american standard toilet american standard faucet and duravit sink

The tiny house’s bathroom featuring the American Standard toilet, American Standard faucet, and Duravit sink

rinnai tankless water heater in atlanta tiny house

The Rinnai Tankless Water Heater, keeping those showers hot

account manager looks at houzer sink and american standard faucet in tiny house

Matt Coppolla, Account Manager, examines the Houzer sink & American Standard faucet in the kitchen

ceo is proud that we helped supply lamon luther tiny house in atlanta

Marcus Morgan, CEO, is proud of the team’s effort to make this project happen

supply.com team talks to lamon luther team about tiny house

Harrison Rogers (L) & Courtney Forson (R) joke with Brian & April Preston (Center) of Lamon Luther

“Before the recession, I was a home builder. After doing a search online, I found some plans for a tiny house I liked and sketched out my very on version. A big challenge in building a tiny house is the plumbing. As a result, I reached out to my friends at SUPPLY.com for help,” he explains. “We wanted the future owners of our home to be able to live off the grid, so we used propane fired Tankless Hotwater heaters by Rinnai. We also outfitted the house’s kitchen and bathroom with beautiful fixtures from American Standard, Duravit, Houzer, and Moen.”

“Our partnership with SUPPLY.com helped us meet our goal of providing affordable housing for our employees. We currently have guys sleeping on our shop floor, so our partnership allowed us to get the plumbing items quickly and helped us provide more support for our foundation. We couldn’t have done it without them or their awesome brand partners!”

“We were thrilled to partner with Lamon Luther on their Tiny House Giveaway. When Brian first informed me of the project, I told him that SUPPLY.com would love to help out in any way possible. Lamon Luther’s commitment to those in need is truly special and we leaped at the chance to lend a hand.”


-Heath Hyneman, SUPPLY.com CMO


“After hearing which plumbing and lighting fixtures were needed, we teamed up with our friends at American Standard, Duravit, Houzer, Moen, and Rinnai to donate a handful of products for the tiny house’s kitchen and bathroom. I couldn’t be more impressed by the Lamon Luther team, their vision, and the work they are doing. On behalf of the entire SUPPLY.com team and our manufacturer partners, I’d like to express our gratitude for the opportunity to play a small role in the Tiny House giveaway. Congratulations to Lamon Luther for another beautiful creation and congratulations to the tiny house giveaway winner!”

The Leadercast Experience

Joining the Lamon Luther team at Leadercast were four SUPPLY.com-ers, who were there to help increase raffle sales and listen to world famous speakers from Nick Saban to Steve Wozniak. Brian estimates that over 1,000 business leaders from all over the USA toured the tiny house and the SUPPLY.com squad was able to help the foundation raise over $1,000.

“The Tiny House Giveaway was an awesome cause and it was really fun lending a hand at Leadercast – we were able to see our products installed, working for the greater good,” says Jessyca Chapman, Account Manager. “I was proud to help out and I feel like we were a big part of how much they were able to raise that day. Leadercast provided us some perspective on how to coach our teams. Nick Saban’s speech was very insightful – he made me realize how we need to motivate people by spending time with the top performers, not just the low performers.”

supply.com attended leadercast conference with lamon luther

The Leadercast crowd lining up at the Infinite Energy Arena

supply.com account managers are ready to raise money at leadercast conference

Account Managers, Jessyca Chapman (L) & Craig Coogler (R), ready to raise some money

account manager speaks to crowd about tiny house project and lamon luther

Coogs speaks to the unrelenting line about the project and the Lamon Luther Foundation

andy stanley speaks at leadercast conference

The scene inside the arena with Andy Stanley kicking off proceedings

nick saban talks about motivation at leadercast conference

Alabama Football Coach, Nick Saban, sheds light into his process for motivating players

Craig Coogler, Account Manager, furthered Jessyca’s sentiment by saying, “Leadercast was a great experience because we were able to network and find out how other companies are also working to build something great. It was insipring to be able to see Andy Stanley speak live – he reminded us why we need to have to a vision for coming into work everyday. It’s important to be motivated by more than just a pay check. On the surface, I simply sell toilets to trade professionals. But, if you dive a little deeper, by being their go-to person, I help make their jobs easier – so they can focus on their customers.”

After a resounding success (learn more about the winner here), Lamon Luther will be giving away another tiny house on October 5th. 2016, which will be over 30′ long worth over $60,000. If you’re interested in building your own tiny house, you can find the necessary plumbing products below to make it happen. A massive thank you to American Standard, Duravit, Houzer, Moen, and Rinnai for helping make this project possible!

Tiny House Brand Logos

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