Digital Crafts: Craft Something Great

SUPPLY.com began as a small but punchy e-commerce start-up while the tech industry in Atlanta was still in its toddler phase. Now, our company and the industry are both mature and thriving – last year, Forbes listed Atlanta as “One of the 5 U.S. Cities Poised to Become Tomorrow’s Tech Meccas.” We are proud to call such an awesome city home and the tech community here our family. Our business is continuing to grow – and that means we want to partner with some of ATL’s best sources for talent to chat with, learn from, and maybe even hire.

Last week, our top-notch development team welcomed the newest class at Digital Crafts, one of the highest-rated coding bootcamps in the city. Their work ethic and drive mirror our key values at SUPPLY.com, so we thought it would be a good chance to show these passionate students what a real-life workday for a developer looks like.

Digital Crafts students take a tour of the SUPPLY.com office. 

The students arrived eager and ready to see what we are all about over here in West Atlanta. As they rolled up (on our freshly paved parking lot addition!), they were greeted by the sight of several bathtubs. Their field trip happened to coincide with a visit from our newest brand partner Jacuzzi – the whirlpool­­­ tubs outside our door were a preview of the online plumbing supply company they’d find inside.

Once they had a tour of the office to see all of the different departments that developers work with on a day-to-day basis, the Digital Crafts class got to sit down with two SUPPLY.com rock stars – Mike Owens (UI Developer) and Vince Akra (Director of Internal Development). Mike and Vince talked to the class about SUPPLY.com, their own career paths, and what it takes to be a developer in an age where technology changes rapidly.

“It was really interesting to speak to people who have never worked in a development environment. They already knew all the concepts, but today they got to see how it all comes together, which was really cool.” – Mike Owens

UI Developer Mike Owens gives the Digital Crafts class a rundown of SUPPLY.com’s history.

It’s a tough but exciting industry, and it was great to see so many eager students who are willing to take it on. One student, Beth, reflected Mike’s sentiments on the day and felt that she really got something out of the visit:

“Coming from a classroom, it was such a great experience to actually see a day in the life of a web developer. I loved the real-world application, and what a good environment SUPPLY.com has going on.”

After their initial visit, the Digital Crafters were invited back for two days of mock interviews to get feedback on how to present the skills they are learning in their program. We can’t wait to see what these students have learned when their time at the bootcamp comes to an end, and we’re excited to find even more coding friends in Atlanta. If you’re in a program like Digital Crafts and want to come for a visit, we’d love to have you! Contact Will Dillard (Recruitment Specialist) at w.dillard@supply.com.

If you’re ready to be a developer and like the sound of SUPPLY.com, head on over to our careers page and apply now! We’re looking for folks who stand out with their knowledge and skills, but above anything we’re looking for those who are willing to learn and work hard. As Mike said in the presentation:

“Everyone wants to be BATMAN. But most of the time all we can be is Bruce Wayne. Which is not that bad.”

Thanks for visiting, Digital Crafts – we loved being a small part of your journey to becoming some top-level coding Bruce Waynes.

Whether it’s our favorite businesses in the ATL community or our BBFs (Best Brand Friends) in the plumbing industry, the relationships we build are what help us build something great. Check out more partnerships here to learn about how we team up with some of the best organizations in Atlanta and beyond!