Aviva By Kameel: Eat Something Great

At SUPPLY.com, we’re known for going the extra mile for thousands of builders, contractors, and plumbers nationwide – it’s how we build something great. Within the walls of SUPPLY.com HQ, however, this team’s known for chowing down on some dangerously delicious rosemary chicken and hummus from Aviva by Kameel – our favorite way to eat something great.

“I love Aviva! It is the best food to eat on Thank You Thursdays!” – Mike Owens, UI Developer

Each week, as part of our Thank You Thursday series, SUPPLY.com-ers are treated to a catered lunch, courtesy of the company or one of our manufacturer partners. Even with all the tasty options over the years, the team couldn’t be more excited when we get Atlanta’s #1 rated restaurant in the house (don’t just take our word for it – check out their 5-star Yelp review)! After being blown away by Aviva again and again, we decided to head on-site to get the inside scoop.

Aviva by Kameel Mediterranean Grill

Building a top-rated restaurant in 5 years is no small feat!

When entering the restaurant, you can’t help but be sucked in by the charisma of chef and owner Kameel Srouji (who literally tells everyone, “I love you,” as they walk in). Known for his passion for food and people, Srouji opened Aviva by Kameel with his sister Aviva in 2012. We wanted to know how the restaurant, nestled between a cookie shop and a cafe in Peachtree Center, became such a well-known establishment of Downtown Atlanta in such a short period of time.

“I will not serve what I will not eat myself,” Srouji proclaims.

A simple statement, this mantra is really what sets Aviva by Kameel apart. Srouji believes that the way you eat determines your quality of life, and he makes a point to serve his customers “food for the soul.” He uses olive oil to cook everything, only using the oil one time before replacing it. All the water is filtered, even for cooking, and there are no hormones in the meat. Moreover, there are halal, kosher, organic, and vegan options, with a separate vegan grill to ensure complete purity.

chef Kameel Srouji with his baklava

Srouji presenting his mouth-watering baklava – the best in Atlanta. 

Srouji believes so firmly in the importance of healthy living that he tries to avoid eating at other restaurants altogether. In fact, he swore off fast food immediately after moving to the United States from Nazareth in 1980, and has proudly never eaten at McDonald’s.

He scours local farmer’s markets for new ingredients weekly. Frozen food is not allowed at Aviva because Srouji wants it to be as absolutely fresh as possible. He also wants everything on the menu to be sourced from the United States; in part to be a local supporter, but mostly to ensure absolute quality that may not exist in imported goods.

“Some labels say, “Made in America,” but I can tell if it is not. I can tell if the tomato is from Mexico,” the chef swears.

A delicious plate of pita, hummus, veggies, and Aviva’s famous falafel.

In addition to being mindful of the food he buys, Srouji stays up to date on the latest news in the food industry. After recent studies came out with further research on the harmfulness of soda, Srouji got rid of the restaurant’s soda machines and now sells La Croix as a replacement. He is very involved with the American Cancer Society and checks with them to make sure that his food is nutritious and not detrimental. He also donates food and time to the society, along with the Lupus Foundation and several other charitable causes (check out #AvivaCares for more info).


The respect that Srouji has for his customers does not end with what’s on the menu; excellent customer service is another reason why Aviva is such a big hit.

“Your customer is your boss. Without them you cannot pay your bills,” Srouji says.

Srouji is usually at the restaurant to cook and take care of his patrons, always ready with smile and a warm welcome. His brightness is contagious and creates a happy atmosphere that makes people want to return. When a new employee is hired, Srouji tells them that it does not matter to him what they look like. He cares about how they act, and that they always put the customer first Ask anyone who has visited the restaurant, and they’ll be able to testify to the awesome service (including free samples in line!).

At SUPPLY.com, we can definitely get on board with exceptional customer service; it is, after all, at the core of our own business. We love to order Aviva at our office because they take special care of their customers even when the food is catered away from the welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant.

You know the food is amazing when people don’t mind a line!

Aviva was first put on our radar by Effie Blackwell, SUPPLY.com office manager, who was a frequent customer of the restaurant when she used to work downtown. She couldn’t wait to share Aviva with the office, and she’s been ordering from them ever since.

 “Aviva is always a pleasure to work with. For our first order that we placed with them in 2016, Nasri, the General Manager, helped build out an individualized catering menu for our group based off what we felt the employees would enjoy. Man, did he hit a home run! Also, when the food shows up, they are always timely and take care of everything. We can’t wait to have them out again!” – Effie Blackwell, Office Manager


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Everyone’s smiling when they see their favorite catering coming in! 

Thank you to Aviva by Kameel for letting us have a glimpse into your colorful (and delicious) little world downtown. And thank you for always going above and beyond for our company lunches – our employees are very happy to be a part of the #AvivaFamily.

Call Aviva By Kameel at (404) 698-3600 or email at orders@avivabykameel.com to have the best catering in town at your next office event!

Whether it’s our favorite businesses in the ATL community or our BBFs (Best Brand Friends) in the plumbing industry, the relationships we build are what help us build something great. Check out more partnerships here to learn about how we team up with some of the best organizations in Atlanta and beyond!