The SUPPLY.com Sluggers: Not Your Average Company Softball Team

Part 1: The Season 

Batter up! The SUPPLY.com team stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park this spring by taking their mad skills from the tech field to a different kind of field – the softball diamond. They donned their green-sleeved jerseys and took on a new identity as the SUPPLY.com Sluggers for a home run season with Zog Sports.

With account management in our DNA, relationships and drive have always been a core part of what we value at SUPPLY.com. What better way to strengthen those values, and to have fun while doing so, than with a good ole ball game? A hunger to be better plays a part in SUPPLY.com’s foundation – it helped drive our founders to set us apart in the plumbing world. The Sluggers loved the chance to flex that competitive muscle, plus the softball team was great chance to get active and for different departments to interact.

“I got to hang out with some members of the B2B and Merchandising team that I’d never cross paths with in the office.” – Joe Murphy, User Experience Architect.

The season didn’t pass without challenges. We asked the team what the craziest part of the season was.

“There were injuries galore because the infield was part baseball field, part WWI trench!” – Collin Baxter, Account Manager

IT Support Tech Anthony Madlena confirms Collin’s statement – his wildest memory was getting hit in the face with a ball and fracturing his nose! Fortunately, the Sluggers are a tough bunch and, in the end, everyone came out okay. #WhatDoesn’tKillYouMakesYouSlugger

Part 2: The Bet

Apart from the injuries, there was another challenge to face this season – a bet between the coach and the CEO. Coach and Recruiter Will Dillard has high standards when it comes to hiring employees, and he kept them just as high when training the softball team. But even though the Sluggers had a great time, Coach Dillard didn’t win it all.

Here’s the backstory behind the bet: before the Sluggers were formed, SUPPLY.com played in a basketball league. It quickly became apparent that basketball was, simply put, just not our sport. So, when Will presented the idea of joining a softball league, CEO Marcus Morgan agreed. He had only one condition:

“If Will had a winning softball season, he would have gotten a free steak dinner – but he lost the bet. His punishment? P90X.” – Marcus Morgan, CEO

We like to keep it lively at SUPPLY.com, and even when someone loses a bet it’s all in good fun. During lunch one day, the entire softball team was invited to eat pizza and watch Will work out P90X style in a training room.

The team cheered as Will showed off his skills, and, like any great coach, he was a good sport. Will is getting in shape, and he wants his team to be as well – he’s already looking for the next league to join. Stay tuned to see what sport the SUPPLY.com athletes tackle next!

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