Settling in at The Fred: One Year Later

October 9th is a very special day at SUPPLY.com. This date marks the one-year anniversary of our move from the old office – known as “The Bluffs” – to our new and improved home on Frederick Drive that we affectionately refer to as “The Fred.”

We started out small but ambitious, and, to us, The Fred is a daily reminder of how far we’ve come and how we only plan to continue improving.

Outside our new office on Frederick Drive.

“A new office was a necessity for the growth we planned on this year and the years to come. Moving was a victory for our employees and also for our clients and partners, as we can better service them in this bigger space. It’s really exciting to see how everyone has taken to The Fred, and the reaction of interviewees and new employees who are impressed by our awesome office.” – Bryan Daniel, HR Manager

Since moving to the Bluffs in 2010, SUPPLY.com has experienced quite a few changes – catalog expansion, rebranding, and new hires. Lots of them. We were busting at the seams, using offices as conference rooms, overlapping desks and departments, practically sitting on tables in order to make space (that’s an exaggeration, OSHA). See below for a peek at our old office while we worked there and while we prepared for the move.

We miss this porcupine mural from our last office, painted by the amazing Delta Tango Mike.

Once it became apparent that we needed a new location, a team of SUPPLY.com-ers got together to make it happen. Like our customers know, moving and renovating is a big deal. There were several factors to consider: a larger space that better suited our company culture, but also in a location that wouldn’t affect our employees’ commute – all within our budget.

When we found the perfect space on Frederick Drive, everyone pitched in to make sure the Fred was the office of our dreams. We sat down with Office Administrator Effie Blackwell and Development Project Manager Dru Lawhorne, who both played huge roles in the move, to find out more about what it entailed and how we are fitting in to The Fred.

Effie and Dru began working full-time from The Fred while it was under renovation, always ready to meet with the contractors, plumbers, and other workers to make the space special. These two did a lot of the nitty-gritty work themselves, with loads help from the rest of the SUPPLY.com team when it came to cleaning, arranging, and moving furniture.

Effie and Dru pose for a photo in the lobby of our new, finished office.

The furniture layout proved to be one of their biggest obstacles. The top floor of the office was a cubicle wonderland (yuck) that had to be rearranged for our team’s open-office style, while the downstairs needed a lot of cleaning up.

“Rearranging the workspace was actually pretty fun. It was like a giant puzzle figuring out where the different teams should sit. We had to make sure that it was a good plan for our current employees, but also keep future hires in mind. It was a great change of pace in the normal work week, and a good way to get better at thinking through a project in its entirety – every step in the process really matters when it comes to a renovation.” – Dru Lawhorne

Thanks to the careful planning that was done, the layout at The Fred today is much streamlined than its predecessor. Aligning workspaces based on functionality between teams allows for easier cross-departmental collaboration. A big, open employee lounge downstairs with ping pong tables, pop-a-shot, a world-class mini market (shout out to Southern Refreshment Services!) helps to connect everyone and is the perfect space for events like happy hours and Brand Days.

 “The employee lounge is my favorite thing about the new office. People can come together there and use it as a meeting spot or a place to take a break. The lounge is also a “wow” factor for our visitors – people always tell me how impressed they are with the ping pong tables, the furniture area, and especially our Mini Market with fresh snacks.” – Effie Blackwell

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As Office Administrator, Effie works with every department and is the glue who holds everything together. She began at SUPPLY.com at the beginning of last year, and the move quickly helped elevate her understanding of our company and employees. Both she and Dru felt they gained invaluable experience, from practical industry knowledge, like picking out faucets, to professional work hacks like meeting the needs of varying teams.

Our brands were major players in the move as well. We don’t just sell plumbing fixtures; we use them too! Our new bathrooms feature Duravit mirrors, sinks, vanities, and toilets, Hansgrohe faucets, TOTO toilets, and Bradley partitions and soap dispensers. As a company that sells plumbing supplies, having top-of-the-line bathrooms from some of the best brands in the business reinforces the importance of the work we do every day.

It’s cool to see products from our brand partners put to use every single day.

Our Duravit sinks are modern, easy to clean, and awesome to look at. 

Along with the other SUPPLY.com-ers and our brand partners, UX Director Matt Hobbs also had a big role in organizing The Fred. As a manager who has been with SUPPLY.com since 2012, he was able to provide planning insight, coordination, and support to the team.

“I am so proud of the way everyone came together. An office catered exactly to our needs makes it a happier place to work and increases productivity. We were really able to make The Fred a part of our identity with all the decisions we made together, like having our own artist paint the murals to make it feel especially like home.”

SUPPLY.com Graphic Designer Justin Jackson planned and painted several murals in the building, with the help of countless others who brought their ladders and paint clothes to join in.

The main mural downstairs that Justin dreamed up – we love seeing this colorful wall every day.

Justin in front of the Chicago conference room mural.

“In our old building at The Bluffs, we had a couple of murals that I really enjoyed – namely the porcupine maze done by wildly-talented Delta Tango Mike. When discussions of the office move became solid and plans were starting to emerge, I immediately threw my name in the ring to design and paint. I 100% bit off more than I could chew, especially since I had never done something so large before, but friends and coworkers came through and helped in ways that I will forever be grateful.”

Justin’s mural work continued into this year as he, along with his summer Graphic Design intern Jackie Heydet (who designed and painted our Austin conference room), took out his paintbrush again to liven up the conference rooms. Our conference rooms are yet another unique mark of the new office, all named after major U.S. cities – an idea that began with the pentagon-shaped conference room that became known as D.C.

Justin and Jackie got to work this summer on our New York City conference room.

One of Jackie’s intern projects this summer was to design and paint our Austin conference room.

We love our walls, and we also love the space inside of them. Another one of our favorite elements is the standing work tables we have downstairs. You’ll often find a meeting there or an employee in need of a good leg stretch. These tables were provided by Lamon Luther, a local Atlanta carpentry company who has outfitted notable locations like Krog St. Market and Ladybird. These tables are the same ones you’ll see at the Mercedes-Benz stadium, which we think is pretty cool while we’re standing there shooting an email or calling a customer.

SUPPLY.com Account Executive and Interior Designer Jessica Finley (check out her stellar interior work here) was a crucial member when it came to the office upgrade. Along with her father Bill Finley, Owner of Finley Drywall, Jessica helped with the installation of the floating drywall clouds above the sales floor, the office cabinetry, and refreshed the paint. Jessica’s design eye really came in handy when she selected the furniture for our upstairs lobby and coffee bar area.

The sales floor, with the floating clouds the Finleys provided, is a fantastic upgrade from the one at The Bluffs. There’s wide open space with plenty of room for everyone. Our Account Executives are able to work side by side but still have enough separation within their own pods that they can focus on client calls.

We love our big, open sales floor.

We like to host meetings at the standing tables to give our legs a stretch.

Jessica picked out this furniture in front of another one of Justin’s murals – talk about teamwork!

We’re extremely happy at the Fred, and can’t believe it’s been a year since we moved in. We could not have done it without the determination of our employees, and also owe a huge thanks to our partners and all the other workers who came together to make the office complete.

“If I could give advice to another company that has decided to undertake the huge task of moving, I would say stay organized. No matter how many people are involved, don’t underestimate how much work there is to be done.” – Effie Blackwell

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