Q3 Quarterly Meeting Recap: Crushing Records and Crowning a New Champ

A few weeks back, our team rallied together for our Q3 Quarterly Meeting. In addition to handing out some sweet new shirts, Marcus Morgan (CEO, Co-Founder) lead a motivational look into what makes SUPPLY.com so unique. Jon Schmidt (Director of Business Development) and Harrison Rogers (Director of Sales Operations) then took the stage and unveiled several record breaking numbers. May and June were the busiest months in the 8 year history of SUPPLY.com!

We switched the programming up a bit and Content Strategist, Carey Tucker, hosted a star studded Q&A panel. Leaders from across the organization answered questions from SUPPLY.com-ers – ranging from “How exactly does our warehouse team manage to get thousands of orders shipped on the same day of purchase?” to “If I wanted to start a company, what should I know?” It was an uplifting, fun and educational conversation that set the tone for what’s to come in Q3 and beyond.

Following the Q&A, we held our second quarterly 9 ball tournament. Rivaling the NCAA Tournament’s intensity and flair for the dramatic, it was Nick “The Big Boss Man” Wyatt (Marketing Automation Manager) claiming the championship over returning runner-up Matt Hobbs (Director of UX). After a quick and painless defeat, Hobbs is now one finals loss away from 90’s Buffalo Bills lore.

Check out all of the photos from our Q3 Quarterly Meeting below.


Opening the meeting, Marcus Morgan, (CEO, Co-Founder) reminds everyone of our vision and what we’re building.


Technology, Inventory and Relationships – we excel at all three.


The all-star panel (left to right) Mike Taylor (Operations Director), Courtney Forson (Sr. Merchandising Manager), Marcus Morgan (CEO, Co-Founder), Jon Schmidt (Director of Business Development), Harrison Rogers (Director of Sales Operations), Heath Hyneman (CMO, Co-Founder) and moderator Carey Tucker (Content Strategist).


The audience reaction to “How much do you bench?” as part of the Q&A.


Sharing some of the realities of running a startup, Heath Hyneman (CMO, Co-Founder) shared, “Marcus is over my air conditioning indefinitely.”


Celebrating anniversaries, David Gallmeier (Senior Developer) is recognized for 5 years of service.


Flashing his new hardware, Nick “The Big Boss Man” Wyatt is ready to defend his championship. 

We love to celebrate our victories. Check out more news here and learn how we’re building something great every day. Just like in Good Burger, Air Bud 3: World Pup, and other seminal tales of triumph, our employees achieve more than they thought was possible with every quarter.