Pie the Porcupine [PHOTOS]

In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, we held our annual canned food drive. This year, with the help of some generous partners (pictured below), we donated 3524 cans to the Warehouse of Hope in Douglasville (our largest donation ever!). The Warehouse of Hope is a local food bank that feeds 600-800 families a week and also funds and operates an orphanage in Nigeria.

with the help of our partners we donated 3524 cans to the warehouse of hope

A huge thank you to everyone who donated!

To add extra incentive, this year’s food drive was also a competition between departments. The winners were:

  • 1st place: Green Team, 1401 points
    Accounting, Fishbowl, East side offices (based on original location)
  • 2nd place: Blue Team, 1251 points
    D2C, Pro Sales, Showroom, HR
  • 3rd place: Yellow Team, 699 points
    West side (based on original location)
  • 4th place: Red Team, 173 points

The two losing teams then nominated managers for a gag as old as time – a pie in the face. Our lucky recipients were VP of Operations, Thomas Snowden, and Operations Director, Mike Taylor. This past Friday, SUPPLY.com employees watched as warehouse and west side managers got a face full of whipped cream.

supply.com employees get a pie to the face

Chelsea (L) and Brittany (R) load up the plates

supply.com employees get a pie to the face

Mike T prepares for the inevitable

supply.com employees get a pie to the face

All smiles – taking one for the team

supply.com employees get a pie to the face

Ambrish makes sure to ‘rub it in’ on Thomas

supply.com employees get a pie to the face

Thomas aka Lord of the Pies

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