No Power, No Problem: The Show Must Go On

The show must go on – a phrase synonymous with show business that promises that the scheduled show will still be staged for the waiting patrons, regardless of what happens.

Perhaps it was Queen who said it best with their 1991 hit single of the same name. Maybe it was Michael Jordan’s performance in the “Flu Game,” which epitomized the phrase in Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals. Whatever comes to mind when you think “the show must go on,” it’s what happens in that moment, what you do to overcome the odds and to persevere. 

A few weeks back, on a fairly normal Wednesday morning at SUPPLY.com, we lost power – lights, servers, Internet –  it was a total blackout. There were interviews in session, team meetings taking place, our warehouse was cranking out orders, and our sales team was on fire! So what did we do? Check out how the SUPPLY.com team rolled without power and maintained business as usual. 

marketing team works from their laptops during power outage

UX Researcher, Alina Bikineyeva, and Jr. Creative Producer, Joe Murphy, rallied on some off-line work, using whatever juice they had left in their laptops.

supply.com team continues to work during power outage

Members of our Sales Dev team huddled with a few folks on our marketing team to go over upcoming promotions.  Choosing a restaurant to order from for “Thank You Thursday” was also a hot topic.  

supply.com continues to work during power outage

Senior Designer, Justin Jackson, using the Adobe Capture CC iOS app to craft some graphics.

supply.com team continues to work during power outage

No lights? No problem for our warehouse team! Nothing a few open bay doors can’t handle. Carry on.

supply.com team continues to work during power outageYou don’t understand, those bathroom doors could NOT wait to be painted. Besides, what other reason do you use the flashlight on your iPhone for?

supply.com team continues to work during power outage

A typical day for Co-founder & CMO, Heath Hyneman, involving a ton of reading and research. Here he is, reading a paperback book, full-on analog style. 

supply.com team continues to work during power outage

An hour into the blackout, we were able to get power up on one of our Account Manager pods. Taking care of our customers is our number one priority, so naturally, Account Managers Jack Dixon (center) and Jessica Porter (right) were ready to help. Co-founder & CIO, Kevin Wallace (left), borrowed some juice to help get us back on track. 

supply.com eats subway during power outage

In a series of bold moves, some of us even managed to sneak in a twilight lunch break.

With the help of a generator and the hard work of our IT team, we eventually got the power back on. We didn’t skip a beat and ended up defining our own version of “the show must go on.” Power or no power, we’re overcoming the odds and building something great every day.

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