Movin’ On Up: Experiencing Rocket-Like Growth

At SUPPLY.com, we like to think of ourselves as a rocket ship whose growth just might break the sound barrier. Heck, we’ve got one on our t-shirts and just had a rocket ship mural painted on the wall. Every single day, there are more things to do than there are people to do them. Last quarter, we hired 16 people, added 9 brands to our catalog, and continued to meet financial projections. As a new employee myself, I sat down with the company’s CEO, HR Manager, and Merchandising Manager to get the scoop on how and why we’ve grown so fast.

“We’ve had a lot of great wins this year. We brought on Joe Bricker as CFO, which allows him to focus on managing our financials so I can concentrate more on growth and strategy,” said Marcus Morgan, CEO & Co-Founder. “Tactically, improving the functionality of our shopping carts, expanding our email marketing efforts, and implementing marketing automation have all assisted in our success.”

As previously mentioned, the company’s merchandising department added 9 brands in Q2, equalling approximately 7,000 SKUs. “We’re able to attract brands to do business with us due to the growth of our different departments and how we differentiate ourselves. There’s a big attraction to the Pro Sales division in particular,” explained Courtney Forson, Merchandising Manager. “A lot of brands might have a direct relationship with a homebuilder like Pulte Homes, but they don’t have a relationship with the guy who builds 10-15 homes a year. Those are the people that our account managers have a very close relationship with. Brands are increasingly wanting to be on our line card as we’re talking to those types of people.”

Earlier this year, the company doubled the size of its Austell campus, allowing it to add personnel to further growth. “At the start of 2015, we had a goal to add one new sales person a month and have been able to maintain that target,” asserted Morgan. “Our Professional Account Management team is the main touch point of every interaction that we have with our customer. We don’t want our customers to think that they’re buying from SUPPLY.com, we want them to think that they’re buying from Jessica at SUPPLY.com. In order to get more customers, we need more ‘Jessicas’ out there, building relationships. People still do business off relationships and technology is a tool that allows us to service them better.”

The key to the company’s success lies in its unique blend of innovative technology, expert customer service, and on-site inventory. “In an old, antiquated industry, we’re maintaining the relationships that have always been apart of plumbing supply, while also bringing technology into the mix,” he continued. “We still have the ‘good old boy’ network that we’ve built strong connections with; but instead of bringing pen and paper, we’re introducing technology into that conversation. Technology has allowed us to interact with our partners and customers in new ways.”

Cady Lineback, Recruiter, added, “When I started at SUPPLY.com 3 years ago, we were 45 employees crammed into a small office. Now, we have over 100 and are continuing to grow faster than a Devin Hester punt return! We currently have 12 open positions and are now talking with top talent every day.”

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