Going Green, One Bottle at a Time

Water – it’s the liquid that makes up 71% of planet earth and 65% of the average adult human body. As history’s most celebrated Renaissance Man, Leonardo da Vinci, so elegantly put it, “Water is the driving force of all nature.” In an effort to develop an even stronger bond to the driving force of almost all products we sell, a few years ago, we installed two Elkay ezH2O water fountains on the SUPPLY.com campus.

Not only do these filtration systems pour some high quality H20 that would make Bobby Boucher proud, they also save waste from plastic water bottles by keeping them out of landfills. Our 110+ employees visit the ezH20 water fountains at least twice a day, resulting in us saving approximately 55,000 bottles-worth of plastic waste over the course of  a year across 250 workdays. A big tip of the cap to Elkay for making this green practice so simple!

Water is the driving force of all nature.

– Leonardo Da Vinci

Our connection to these sources of hydration was so strong, it motivated us to buy branded water bottles for the entire company. Each employee received their SUPPLY.com water bottle at last month’s quarterly meeting and SUPPLY.com-ers now walk to and from our favorite Elkay water fountains with pride. Check out the photos below.

sales development rep shows off his company water bottle

Sales Development Rep, James Love, with his SUPPLY.com water bottle

employees show of their company water bottles

From L to R: Alina Bikineyeva (UX Architect), Justin Jackson (Senior Designer), & Jessyca Chapman (Account Manager)

company water bottles made to conserve water

The SUPPLY.com water bottles, on display at last month’s quarterly meeting

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