Bringing Our Office Walls to Life [Photos]

“Having culture in the workplace can improve workplace culture itself… It helps shape the company’s unique style, spirit, and character, and convey that character to employees, partners, clients, and prospective clients.”

-Andre Smith, “Why Companies Should Have Fine Art in the Workplace

We recently brought out Daniel Flores, aka Delta Tango Mike, a wildly talented, Atlanta-based artist, to paint our conference rooms and office walls. In the conference rooms, he painted two quotes that truly capture our company’s spirit: “Build Something Great,” and “The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Build It.” On the walls, Daniel drew two unbelievable murals that illustrate two pillars of our company culture: with such rapid growth, SUPPLY.com is a rocket ship and with so much to do, our employees have to hug the porcupine every single day.

Below is a collection of photos depicting the transformation of our office from standard to stunning.

Before Showroom Conference Room 1

The Showroom Conference Room Before (above) & After (below)

After Showroom Conference Room 1

Before Main Conference Room 1

The Main Conference Room Before (above) & After (below)

After Main Conference Room 1

During Main Conference Room 1

Delta Tango Mike in Action

During Porcupine 1

Before Porcupine  1

“Hug the Porcupine” Mural

After Porcupine 1

Before Rocket Ship 1

“Get on the Rocket Ship” Mural

After Rocket Ship 1

We love to celebrate our victories. Check out more news here and learn how we’re building something great every day. Just like in Good Burger, Air Bud 3: World Pup, and other seminal tales of triumph, our employees achieve more than they thought was possible with every quarter.