2016 SUPPLY.com Halloween Recap: It’s Scary How Much Fun We Have

At SUPPLY.com, we’re serious about Halloween. Dead serious. With cash prizes on the line, the stars came out for our annual costume contest. Notable sightings included Ken Bone, Jurassic Park’s Dr. Elli Sattler, the Mad Hatter, Darth Revan, and the crazy old cat lady and a possessed girl even showed up! The day was full of surprises. We also had some teams go all out, really disrupting the traditional costume status quo to prove themselves best in show. There were a ton of entries, but only one winner. Well, there were actually 3 winners. Here’s a look back at some of the fun.

polaroids of employees dressed up in costumes for halloween

Decisions, decisions – the candidates from our 2016 Halloween Costume Competition.

UX team dresses up as cast from the big lebowski for halloween

 Our UX team (aka The Fish Bowl) hit the lanes as the Big Lebowski! That rug really tied this pic together.


b2b dresses up as office space for halloween

Yeeeeeah, the B2B/Ops team got the memo to wear plenty of flare today as Office Space. We’re making sure they put cover sheets on all their TPS Reports.

pro sales team dresses up as king of the hill for halloween

I tell you what! The King of the Hill members of our Pro Sales team, Hank, Bill, Boomhauer, & Dale, can get the best deal on propane this side of Texas!

the pricing team dresses up as our brands moen toto elk and delta for halloween

Moen, Elk Lighting, TOTO toilets, Delta faucets… All the ingredients from Sales Order 883709 are represented by our Pricing team!

danze faucets provided a lasagna lunch for halloween

A massive thank you to our friends at Danze Faucets for the delicious Halloween lunch! This lasagna was exactly the fuel we needed to Build Something Great!

merchandising team won costume contest with winnie the pooh and 100 acre wood themed costumes

Congrats to our Merchandising team for winning the costume contest with their Hundred Acre Wood costume!

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