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We’re always on the hunt for talented people to join our rapidly-growing team in Atlanta. Every day, our employees execute with passion and precision to create remarkable customer experiences.

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“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”

Jim Collins

Marketing, Design, Development

Enter THE FISHBOWL: where our crack team of designers, marketers, and engineers build and optimize the products and channels that drive our “pro-commerce” business.  We’re a team with one key goal: developing cutting edge technology processes to revolutionize the plumbing supply industry.

  • Back-End .NET + SQL Server Development
  • Front-End Web Design + Development
  • Demand Generation
  • Email / Marketing Automation
  • Process Automation Tools

Sales, Service, Support

We take pride in the personal relationships we develop with ALL of our customers and vendors (big, small, anyone).  Operating on the front lines, this team delivers expert-level service and is at the heartbeat of our e-commerce business.

  • E-commerce Customer Advocates
  • Professional Sales Account Managers
  • B2B Account Managers
  • Business Development
  • Analysts

Distribution, Operations

With 100,000+ square feet of inventory and hundreds of products shipping out each day, our distribution and operation teams stay pretty busy.  Key responsibilities in this team include:

  • Pick, Pack, Ship
  • Warehouse Managers
  • Inventory Management
  • Analysts