Behind The Scenes

We’re a team of 150+ passionate people who genuinely enjoy what we do.


We Are Determined

to revolutionize the traditional plumbing supply industry
by providing extraordinary customer service.

How we do it:

Multi-Channel E-commerce

Multi-channel platform strategy, design, development

Marketing Automation

Omni-channel touchpoints, individualized experiences

Customer-Obsessed Culture

Customer-centered, design-driven innovation

Distribution Center

100,000+ sqft pick, pack, ship facility

Retail + Pro Call Center

Personalized customer service + support

Data-Driven Environment

Optimized processes, better experiences, increased profits

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Brief History (The Spark Notes Version)

It all started in 2003…
when three guys in Atlanta had a big idea: selling toilets online. Marcus, Heath, and Kevin (our founders) combined forces to start a venture called Performance Toilets. They built a website, launched a few online ad campaigns, and within a few weeks, they sold their first product.

And then, in 2008…
after a few years of growth and experimentation, Performance Toilets gave way to a new business called National Builder Supply: a full-service e-commerce site (backed by an on-site warehouse and customer service team) offering low prices on products like toilets, faucets, sinks, and light fixtures.

we are SUPPLY.com and we’re continuing to grow and strengthen relationships with our customers, partners, and manufacturers. Each day, our rapidly-growing team strives to make our customers’ lives a little easier by delivering personalized service to contractors, plumbers, designers, and homeowners alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of stuff do you sell?

We inventory and sell toilets, faucets, sinks, tubs, lighting, fans, valves, fittings, pipe and many other products to builders, plumbers, designers and do-it-yourselfers for their building or remodeling projects.

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Ah... so what kind of stuff do you build?

E-commerce platforms, account management tools, predictive analytics tools, inventory management systems, and resources that make our customers’ lives a little easier.

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Why do people love working at SUPPLY.com?

SUPPLY.com-ers love working here because of the impact they’re able to make, the talented people they work with, and the fun they have while doing it!

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What's it like to work at SUPPLY.com?

Just take a look around this site and see! Whether you’re a member of our customer service crew or the web development team, no day at SUPPLY.com is the same. Check out our blog and Instagram page to learn what it’s like to be a SUPPLY.com-er.

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“The best way to predict the future is to build it.”

Peter Drucker


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